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What’s new in the latest GraphQL spec

Leonardo Losoviz provides us with an update on the October 2021 GraphQL spec, why it took so long and new features included in the latest release. He also explains what it takes to contribute to the GraphQL spec, so make sure to give it a read.

Serverless GraphQL using with AWS and ent

If you are using Go and the ent framework, and want to get started with GraphQL, give this article a read. It takes you through all the steps required to get up and running.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL AuthZ - GraphQL Authorization Layer

The Guild recently released GraphQL AuthZ, a new open-source library for adding authorization layers to your GraphQL API. It integrates with all major GraphQL frameworks, has few dependencies, and keeps your schema clean from authorization logic.

Is This GraphQL | Chrome Extension

Have you ever wondered if a website you are visiting is using GraphQL? Well, if you are using Chrome (or a Chromium-based browser), you are in luck. The “Is This GraphQL” extension will show whether a site is using GraphQL right in your toolbar.


Faster GraphQL With GraphCDN | Learn With Jason

GraphCDNs Max Stoiber recently joined Jason Lengstorf on a “Learn With Jason” episode to talk about GraphQL in general, caching and GraphCDN.

Detect breaking GraphQL schema changes with GitHub Actions

Jamie Barton is back with an episode on how to configure GitHub Actions to automatically detect breaking schema changes when a new Pull Request is opened. And even if you are not using GitHub, you can apply that same approach with your favorite CI tool and reduce the risk of breaking your API.


State of GraphQL | Feb 1, 2022

Keep up with modern web technology advancements through This Dot Labs' special “State of” events. This month, they are bringing you a “State of GraphQL” panel. Hear from core contributors & more about upcoming releases, recent milestones, and community initiatives!