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Exploring the security implications of GraphQL

The Fastly Security Research Team looked into the security implications of running a GraphQL API. They explore what functionality can be abused by bad actors and offer guidance on how to avoid those pitfalls with your implementations.

What We Learned Using Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile For iOS

The Fiverr engineering team shares some lessons learned on getting started with GraphQL and Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (or short KMM) on an MVP they were building.

What I learned from reading the GraphQL Spec

Thomas Heyenbrock recently took some vacation and decided to read through the GraphQL spec. He shared what he learned from that and why you should read the spec too over on the GraphCDN blog.

Tools & Open Source


If you’re setting up a new e-commerce site and don’t know what to use yet, take a look at vendure. It’s a headless e-commerce framework based on GraphQL and built with Typescript and Node.js

Relay v13 released

We already mentioned the new Rust-based compiler in Relay v13 a couple of editions back. Now that the stable release is out, it’s time to take a look at what else changed.


GraphQL Yoga

Are you looking for a new GraphQL server? Give GraphQL Yoga a try, and make sure to watch Jamie's episode on it first.