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GraphQL is built for Federation, but don't do it wrong

Anant and Dan dive into how to efficiently build a unified GraphQL API, which approaches are available, and common considerations when designing and implementing the unified API.

Boost Apollo GraphQL performance with cache normalization

Iskander provides us with an intro to Apollo Caching, cache normalization, and how the cache setup can help improve application performance.

Implement a GraphQL Server with ent and gqlgen in Go

A detailed walkthrough on implementing a GraphQL server using ent and gqlgen. ent provides the ORM framework and makes it easy to support various database systems as well as a 100% statically typed API via code generation.


GraphQL/JWT Speed Run with Refresh Tokens

Jack Harrington takes us on a speed run and in just thirty minutes shows us how to get JSON Web Token authentication running in GraphQL using refresh tokens, Axios, and React Query!