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Documenting GraphQL APIs

Roy Derks explores how to document your GraphQL APIs, how introspection and the playground can help what additional static documentation can bring to the table.

A Primer for Testing the Security of GraphQL APIs

Alex Leahu from Forces Unseen provides an introduction on how to test and secure your GraphQL APIs, what to look for when implementing your service, and common mistakes.

GraphQL The Rails Way: Part 1 - Exposing your resources for querying

In part 1 of a multi-post series, Arnaud Lachaume of Keypup explores how to get started with GraphQL in a Ruby on Rails project, the required dependencies, and what you need to expose your resources with a single line of code.

Libraries and Tools

apollo-rs: spec-compliant GraphQL tools in Rust

Apollo recently announced apollo-rs, an open-source collection of spec-compliant tools for working with GraphQL in Rust.


GraphQL Contributor Days | Dec 7

This Dot and Hasura present GraphQL Contributor Days!, an event to not only give important updates to the community but also provide a forum for anyone using GraphQL to have direct access to core contributors and authors of various libraries and frameworks through live chat and an online broadcast.