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Real Python Podcast Episode 64: Detecting Deforestation With Python & Using GraphQL With Django and Vue

Are you looking for an in-depth data science project to practice your skills on? Perhaps you would like to add new tools to your Python web development projects instead? This week on the show, David Amos is back, and he’s brought another batch of PyCoder’s Weekly articles and projects.

Podcasts and Shows

React Podcast 117: Tom Preston-Werner on RedwoodJS

In this episode of React Podcast, Michael Chan talks to Tom Preston-Werner about RedwoodJS. RedwoodJS is a framework for building full stack applications using a mix of technologies, including React, GraphQL, and Prisma. It provides a superior developer experience and does a lot of work for developers out-of-the-box. Listen in to find out more about RedwoodJS and how it can benefit you.

Podcasts and Shows

How To Test Complex GraphQL Knowledge Graphs

In this episode of The QA Lead Podcast, Mike Harris from Geckoboard talks about GraphQL testing, knowledge graphs, and capturing data. Listen in to learn from Mike's experience testing GraphQL knowledge graphs and check out the resources he provides during the show.

Podcasts and Shows

Matt Debergalis on GraphQL and Data Modelling in the Enterprise

Matt Debergalis, founder and CTO at Apollo, was interviewed by InfoQ podcast co-host Daniel Bryant. They discussed a range of topics, including: the motivations for GraphQL, the Apollo Data Graph platform, data modelling in an enterprise context, and how incrementally adopting GraphQL can help with decoupling the evolution of frontend and backend systems.

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Lee Byron — From PHP to React and GraphQL

Listen in to this React Podcast featuring Lee Byron, where he gives an overview of the early history of the internet and explores the connection between PHP and technologies like React and GraphQL. Lee Byron, the co-creator of GraphQL, offers his views on the progress of web technologies over the past 20 years. Check out all the resources mentioned in the podcast at the bottom of the page to learn more.

Podcasts and Shows

Caching GraphQL with Michael Kelly

Listen to this podcast with Michael Kelly, a Senior Engineer at Stackshare and the author of graphql-cache, a caching plugin for graphql-ruby. He presents Stackshare’s story of why they adopted GraphQL and the need for parallel development streams. He also explains the reason for graphql-cache and how it helps with handling data-heavy applications with resolvers that are computationally intense.

Podcasts and Shows

Documentation Not Included: A Startup Stack: Postgres & GraphQL

Episode 8.1 of "Documentation Not Included" covers using Postgres and GraphQL. Over the course of the episode, the hosts discuss some background on the growth of GraphQL over REST, GraphQL and Postgres's advantages, and give and share some additional information about the GraphQL tooling landscape.

The Diff: The GraphQL Story

In second episode of Facebook's Open Source podcast, Dan Schafer and Lee Byron join Joel Marcey to chat about GraphQL. They cover the origin story of GraphQL, how it compares to REST, and GraphQL's recent move to the Linux Foundation.

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