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Advice from a GraphQL Expert

Sarah Drasner shares the advice and notes from a NodeSF meetup where Francesca Guiducci gave a talk on A GraphQL Guide for Backend Developers. This post dives into how to determine if GraphQL fits into your architecture, whether it’s putting a GraphQL server in front of a database or using GraphQL as a wrapper around existing APIs. She further explains the details and best practices of schema design, providing examples while sharing the challenges that come with using GraphQL.

Domain-Driven GraphQL Schema Design

This article discusses an approach to GraphQL schema design that involves both non-technical domain experts and developers. Khalil Stemmler takes you step by step using event storming to design and build a GraphQL schema, showing the different use cases for when CRUD doesn’t fit.

Why You Should Be Using TypeScript + GraphQL

In this article, Sean Dearnaley explains the powerful combination of TypeScript and GraphQL and the learning outcomes of type safety. These tools combined offer the ability to construct powerful and practical programming interfaces that can be used by all GraphQL consumers. Learn how to evolve an API without endpoint versioning by using Typescript.

Podcasts and Shows

Lee Byron — From PHP to React and GraphQL

Listen in to this React Podcast featuring Lee Byron, where he gives an overview of the early history of the internet and explores the connection between PHP and technologies like React and GraphQL. Lee Byron, the co-creator of GraphQL, offers his views on the progress of web technologies over the past 20 years. Check out all the resources mentioned in the podcast at the bottom of the page to learn more.


Building a GraphQL server with Kotlin + Ktor

Check out this tutorial on building a fully functioning GraphQL API with Ktor and JWT authentication. The tutorial walks through how to define the routes for your application, setting up an authentication feature, and adding GraphQL support. It also provides examples on implementing KGraphQL, which works well with Ktor.