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GraphQL Scalars in-depth

This article by Andi Marek provides a deep deep dive into scalars. The article helps readers understand GraphQL scalars and learn how to write custom ones. The examples provided within the article are in GraphQL.js but the focus is on the fundamental concepts, especially Coercion.

GraphQL in 2020:What's Next?

With the start of each year predictions and discussions about the upcoming trends in GraphQL are becoming a tradition. In his recent article, Marc-Andre Giroux covers some of the trends he expects this year. He speaks to transport specific implementations/optimizations, alternative execution algorithms/engines, and a greater focus on GraphQL's tradeoffs.

MongoDB Unveils Managed GraphQL for MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB has added support for GraphQL in its cloud DB service, MongoDB Atlas. This New Stack article covers the details of the launch, how the functionality was integrated with Mongo and what requirements the company outlines to get started with the feature.

GraphQL: the REST is history?

An illustrated article with helpful sketches, Stav Barak's introduction to GraphQL is a great summary about the technology for people curious to learn about what GraphQL is and does. Covering the advantages that GraphQL has over REST, Stav offers up examples throughout the piece. A great article for newcomers to GraphQL.

Tools and Open Source


Still under construction but with opportunities to support (with a Github star) and contribute, Yap is a lightweight microservices API gateway in GraphQL for microservices or serverless architecture. It aims to be a smaller, more expressive, and more robust foundation for API management and automation workflows with low-code approach and security entreprise-gradle.