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A Better Way to use GraphQL Fragments in React

In this article, Alec Brunelle talks about how to use GraphQL fragments in isolated React components. Isolated components, such as those built in React, should be responsible for defining the data they need to render. GraphQL fragments can be used to help achieve this goal. Follow along with Alec as he demonstrates how to use GraphQL fragments in React.


Why GraphQL Between Microservices Is the Worst & Best Idea

In this video, Uri Goldshtein talks about how GraphQL can be used to tie together different services. He demonstrates the approaches that are currently being discussed in the community, their downsides and pitfalls and also a radical new approach using a tool called GraphQL Mesh. Follow along with Uri as he demonstrates how GraphQL can be used in places and ways you might not expect.

Podcasts and Shows

How To Test Complex GraphQL Knowledge Graphs

In this episode of The QA Lead Podcast, Mike Harris from Geckoboard talks about GraphQL testing, knowledge graphs, and capturing data. Listen in to learn from Mike's experience testing GraphQL knowledge graphs and check out the resources he provides during the show.

Tools and Open Source

LucidQL - Quickly Design and Mock up GraphQL APIs

LucidQL is an open-source tool that helps developers migrate from legacy REST APIs to GraphQL. It also serves as a visualizer for your GraphQL API and allows you to view your GraphQL schema layout and relationships between data. Try LucidQL to see how it can help you manage your transition to GraphQL and visualize your GraphQL API.


GraphQL in Apache Sling - but isn't it the opposite of REST?

In this talk at ApacheCon, Bertrand Delacretaz talks about how GraphQL can be used in Apache Sling. He goes into detail about data fetching, performance, caching, and more. Follow along with the slides from Bertrand's talk to find out more about how you can use Apache Sling and GraphQL together.