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Securing Your GraphQL Server

In this article, Eve Porcello talks about security considerations that developers should take into account when building a GraphQL API. She demonstrates how to implement request timeouts, how to put limitations on the amount of data returned, how to limit query depth and complexity, and more. Follow along with Eve to find out how to harden your GraphQL APIs.

How To Manage File Uploads In React With Google Storage And GraphQL

In this article, Nwani Victory demonstrates how to handle file uploads with GraphQL from a React front end. He talks about how to set up a GraphQL API in Node, how to implement the resolvers that are needed for file uploads, how to set up a Google Cloud Storage account, and how to initiate the upload from the React app. Follow along with Nwani to learn all the steps necessary for handling file uploads in your GraphQL app.


Enterprise GraphQL Conf

Enterprise GraphQL Conf is a developer conference happening on October 22 at 2pm PT. The conference will focus on the role of GraphQL in unlocking data and modernizing data access to accelerate product delivery in organizations. It will bring together practitioners and leaders in enterprise who are spearheading GraphQL powered transformation projects at some of the largest companies in the world. Sign up today to learn from a great panel of GraphQL experts.

GraphQL Galaxy Conference

GraphQL Galaxy is an online conference happening on December 7 and 8, 2020. The conference is put on by GitNation and will feature talks from more than 20 GraphQL experts from around the world. Access to the first day of the conference is free and access to all conference activities costs €46. Sign up today to reserve your spot.


Routing With Graph Algorithms | Building A Travel Guide With Gatsby, Neo4j, & GraphQL

In this video, William Lyon demonstrates how to use the pathfinding algorithms from Neo4j's Graph Data Science library to find efficient routes between points of interest in OpenStreetMap data. He also shows how to use the NeoMap graph app for Neo4j Desktop to visualize spatial data, including the returned routes. Follow along with William to learn how to use Neo4j's tools with GraphQL to query and visualize spatial data.