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Offline-first made easy with GraphQL, Amplify DataStore and Vue

In this article, Gerard Sans shows how to create a Progressive Web App (PWA) that stores data on the device while offline and syncs it with a database when online. This is done with Amplify DataStore, GraphQL, and Amazon DynamoDB. Follow along with Gerard to learn how to build an offline-first Vue app powered by GraphQL.

The Dream Query: How we scope projects with GraphQL

In this article, Mark Larah talks about how Yelp uses GraphQL to scope new features. Mark goes into detail about the "Dream Query", a pattern that Yelp uses to help teams create features and refactor pages. He also talks about how Yelp uses graphql-faker to move quickly with new UI development.

How GraphQL Flexibility Gives Highly-Scalable Businesses a Competitive Edge

In this article, Martin Buhr talks about how GraphQL is advantageous for scalability. In particular, he details how GraphQL can be used with multiple microservices. Martin talks about how large companies like Airbnb and Expedia are using GraphQL to their advantage and also how GraphQL can be managed with API management.


React / GraphQL Course - Build a social media app (MERNG Stack)

In this 6 hour tutorial, Ahmed Hadjou demonstrates how to build a social media app powered by GraphQL. The stack used for the app also includes MongoDB, Express, and React. The tutorial is great for beginners but also touches on intermediate to advanced topics like authentication. Follow along with Ahmed to learn how to create a GraphQL-powered full stack app.


Fullstack GraphQL Book

Fullstack GraphQL is a new book by Roy Derks and Gaetano Checinski that explores how to build servers and clients with GraphQL. The book touches on a range of key topics, including GraphQL Schemas, how to generate TypeScript types from GraphQL types, how to use Apollo Client, how to include auth, and more. Check out the free chapter and read more about what's offered in this new book.