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What's new in GraphQL CLI 4.1

In this article, Enda Phelan covers new features in GraphQL CLI 4.1. He talks about the "serve" command, "init" command templates and other updates. Read on to find out how you can speed up your GraphQL development with the GraphQL CLI.


Build a Static Blog with Nuxt.js, GraphQL and Cosmic

In this video, Erik Hanchett demonstrates how to build a blog site with Nuxt.js and GraphQL using Cosmic as a headless CMS. The tutorial focuses on how to make the site performant and the resulting demo site receives a page speed score of 98 out of 100. Follow along with Erik to find out how to build a fast website with Nuxt, GraphQL, and Cosmic.

Build Full-Stack Reddit Clone with GraphQL, Hasura, and Nhost

In this video tutorial, Johan Eliasson shows how to build a full-stack Reddit clone with GraphQL, Hasura, and Nhost. The tutorial is very in-depth and includes sections on setting up a Next.js app, registering and authenticating users, styling the project with Tailwind, and querying and mutating data with GraphQL. Follow along with Johan to learn more about how to build a full-stack app with these great technologies.

Tools and Open Source

Transport for London GraphQL API Framework

The tfl-graphql API is a fully-featured GraphQL server for the Transport for London unified API. The project is built by Mathew Trivett and uses Ruby on Rails, Postgres and Redis. Check out the project on Github to see how you can query the Transport for London API with GraphQL.

IrisQL - Autogenerate a GraphQL Schema

IrisQL is a GraphQL prototyping tool that autogenerates a GraphQL schema through an interactive GUI. IrisQL lets users input object types, fields, and their relationships. It visualizes those objects and relationships in a dynamic graph.


When and Why to use GraphQL

In this upcoming webinar, Gaurav Pasarkar will demonstrate how to build a real world app with GraphQL. He will show how to move from a REST API to a GraphQL API by building out the GraphQL schema and resolvers. Participants should have a basic understanding of REST and experience designing REST APIs is helpful. The webinar is scheduled for October 31, 2020 at 10:00 am GMT.