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Building a GraphQL server with GraphQL Helix

In this article, Daniel Rearden demonstrates how to build a GraphQL server with GraphQL Helix, a newly released library for building GraphQL APIs. The aim of GraphQL Helix is to allow developers to use new features that are not yet supported in other libraries and to prevent vendor lock-in. Daniel starts with basic examples and gets into more advanced topics including subscriptions and multipart responses. Follow along with Daniel to learn more about how you can build GraphQL servers with GraphQL Helix.

Decision Guide to GraphQL Implementation

Development teams are increasingly choosing to build their APIs with GraphQL. In this guide, AWS provides an overview of the benefits of GraphQL to help you determine if it is right for your organization. They provide a walk through of what to consider when implementing a GraphQL API and whether you should host your own GraphQL server or choose a fully managed solution.

GraphQL Tools v7 delivers the next generation GraphQL API Gateway

In this article, Arda Tanrikulu goes into detail about how to use GraphQL Tools v7 to accomplish Schema Stitching. He talks about what Schema Stitching is, why it's a good abstraction to federate GraphQL services and how it relates to GraphQL Mesh. Follow along with Arda to find out more about Schema Stitching in GraphQL Tools v7.

To Federate or Stitch a GraphQL gateway, revisited

In this article, Greg MacWilliam goes into detail about the history and differences between Schema Stitching and Federation. He clarifies that Schema Stitching is still a viable option for GraphQL schemas since it has taken on new stewardship by The Guild. Follow along with Greg to learn more about the differences between Schema Stitching and Federation and how you can use them in your project.

Announcing the Release of Graphback 1.0

Graphback is a framework and generator that powers the GraphQL CLI and it has just reached version 1.0. In this article, Enda Phelan talks about what Graphback is, the benefits it offers over other libraries, and how to use it in a Node project. Follow along with Enda to learn more about Graphback and how you can use it.

Podcasts and Shows

React Podcast 117: Tom Preston-Werner on RedwoodJS

In this episode of React Podcast, Michael Chan talks to Tom Preston-Werner about RedwoodJS. RedwoodJS is a framework for building full stack applications using a mix of technologies, including React, GraphQL, and Prisma. It provides a superior developer experience and does a lot of work for developers out-of-the-box. Listen in to find out more about RedwoodJS and how it can benefit you.

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