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RedwoodJS with Hasura = ❤️

In this article, Vilva Athiban PB demonstrates how to build a RedwoodJS app backed by a Hasura GraphQL API and database. He starts with the basics, showing how to bootstrap a Redwood app and create pages and then moves into configuring the Redwood app for use with Hasura. Follow along to see how you can use Hasura and Redwood together.

The Power of Serverless GraphQL with AWS AppSync

In this article, Slobodan Stojanović shows how to use AWS AppSync to build serverless GraphQL APIs. He goes into detail about what GraphQL is, including its history, and then moves into talking about the benefits of using serverless for GraphQL APIs. Follow along with Slobodan to find out how you can use AWS AppSync for your GraphQL APIs.

The Evolution of GraphQL at Scale

In this article, Andy Roberts provides a synopsis of how GraphQL apps are scaled in various scenarios. He goes into detail about monoliths, backend for frontend, schema stitching, and federation. Follow along with Andy to learn more about the options that are available for scaling GraphQL in your organization.

Scanning a GraphQL API for Vulnerabilities

In this article, Kevin Attard Compagno demonstrates how to improve the security posture of a GraphQL API by setting up automated scans with Acunetix. He starts by showing how to build a simple (and intentionally vulnerable) GraphQL API, how to create a database and seed it with data, and finally how to scan the API. Follow along with Kevin to find out how you can improve security for your own GraphQL APIs.


Real-time Data fetching with GraphQL and Blazor

In this episode of the On .NET Show, Cecil Phillip and Michael Staib show how to do real-time data fetching with GraphQL using subscriptions. They cover a range of topics, including setting up a GraphQL client with Blazor, creating a GraphQL schema with fragments, using GraphQL variables, and finally adding subscriptions. Follow along with Cecil and Michael to learn how to use subscriptions in your GraphQL apps.


GraphQL Contributor Days

GraphQL Contributor Days is an event hosted by This Dot Media and Hasura. The goal of the event is to provide important community updates and a forum for library authors and community members to meet and chat. The November installment of GraphQL Contributor Days is happening on November 17 at 11:00 AM EST.