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GraphQL Terminology - Cheatsheet

In this article, Ido Shamun provides definitions for a collection of common GraphQL terms. The cheatsheet is a great quick-reference guide for GraphQL beginners and experts alike.

How To Build a GraphQL API with Prisma and Deploy to DigitalOcean's App Platform

In this article, Daniel Norman demonstrates how to create a GraphQL API with Apollo Server and deploy it to DigitalOcean's new app platform. The tutorial also shows how to work with a database and type-safe database client with Prisma. Follow along with Daniel to find out how you can quickly build GraphQL APIs deployed to DigitalOcean.

Tools and Open Source

Introducing graphql-lazyloader

graphql-lazyloader is a new GraphQL directive by Gajus Kuizinas that adds object-level data resolvers and implements PayPal's best practices. The package is designed to help alleviate data over-fetching from resolvers, abstracting the logic for lazy loading into a @lazyload directive. Check out the package to find out how you can benefit from lazy-loading in your GraphQL APIs.

Announcing WPGraphQL v1.0

WPGraphQL is a WordPress plugin by Jason Bahl that enables a GraphQL API for any WordPress site. The plugin has just reached version 1.0 and is ready or production applications. WPGraphQL is a simpler alternative to the native WordPress REST API and fetches data faster. Check out the plugin to learn how you can use it with your WordPress sites.


GraphQL Galaxy Conference

GraphQL Galaxy is an online conference happening on December 7 and 8, 2020. The conference is put on by GitNation and will feature talks from more than 20 GraphQL experts from around the world. Access to the first day of the conference is free and access to all conference activities costs €80. Sign up today to reserve your spot.