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From Rest to GraphQL

In this article, Charly Poly demonstrates how to move from REST to GraphQL in the context of a React application using Apollo Client backed by a Node server with Apollo Server. The article also covers how to use GraphQL Mesh, how to proxy a REST API, and how to secure a GraphQL Mesh server. Follow along with Charly to find out how you can move from REST to GraphQL with some advanced approaches.

Introducing: GraphQL Codegen plugin for TypeScript & SWR!

In this article, Yuta Haga demonstrates how to use graphql-request and SWR together using GraphQL Code Generator with a new plugin called graphql-codegen-plugin-typescript-swr. Yuta goes into detail about how this plugin can be used to achieve a great developer experience for React applications. Follow along to see how you can use graphql-request and SWR together in your React app.

What's new with Apollo Client v3 and GraphQL Codegen

In this article, Dotan Simha covers the new features found in Apollo Client v3 and how they can be used with GraphQL Codegen. Dotan talks about the possibleTypes API, type policies, ready-to-use hooks and higher-order components, and more. Follow along with Dotan to find out what's new in Apollo Client v3 and GraphQL Codegen.


Low Code GraphQL - Global GraphQL Meetup

In this recording from the recent Global GraphQL Meetup put on by This Dot Media, Will Lyon from Neo4j shows some of the low code GraphQL tooling available for building GraphQL APIs backed by a graph database like Neo4j. He's joined by Eve Porcello and Alex Banks of Moon Highway. Tune in to find out how you can write GraphQL APIs with low code tooling.

Libraries and Tools


micro-graphql-svelte is a new library from Adam Rackis that makes it easy to work with GraphQL in a Svelte application. The library provides a query and mutation function to produce a store with your query's data or mutation info. It differs from other projects in its approach to cache invalidation. Check out micro-graphql-svelte to find out how you can use GraphQL in your Svelte projects.