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How to Build a GraphQL API Using Laravel

In this article, Tamerlan Gudabayev walks through how to set up your own GraphQL API using PHP and Laravel. Tamerlan covers migrations and models, seeding a database, defining types, schemas, mutation classes, and more. Follow along to learn more about how to use GraphQL with PHP using Laravel.

How to Build a Task Manager Application Using React, Airtable and GraphQL

Jesus Manuel Olivas recently prototyped a low-code proof-of-concept using React, Airtable, BaseQL, GraphQL and ClerkDev. In this article, Jesus walks through the setup and how to tie all the pieces together. Follow along to learn more about how to use GraphQL in a low-code context.

Polyglot persistence for PostgreSQL & MySQL using GraphQL & TypeScript

Should you use PostgreSQL or MySQL for your next project? Are you moving cloud providers and don't have both options available? Maybe you'd like to start with one option and be able to make the switch later on. Why decide now when you can have both options without any tradeoffs?

Tools & Open Source

GiraphQL - A Plugin-Based GraphQL Schema Builder for TypeScript

GiraphQL makes writing GraphQL schemas in TypeScript easy, fast and enjoyable. The core of GiraphQL adds zero overhead at runtime and has GraphQL as its only dependency. By leaning heavily on TypeScript's ability to infer types, GiraphQL is the most type-safe way of writing GraphQL schemas in TypeScript/node while requiring very few manual type definitions and no code generation. GiraphQL has a unique and powerful plugin system that makes every plugin feel like its features are built into the core library. Plugins can extend almost any part of the API by adding new options or methods that can take full advantage of GiraphQLs type system.


Build a serverless, real-time application with modern APIs: The GraphQL Real-time Race

In this workshop we'll build a fully functioning application for our fast-paced sports event called the GraphQL Real-time Race. We'll demonstrate how to create a serverless web application that delivers real-time data to fans based on their location, event scoring, and event updates. By going through this workshop you'll gain a solid understanding of how to connect the frontend of your application to a robust, performant cloud-enabled backend that delivers real-time updates using GraphQL APIs. We'll provide practical hands-on experience on how to easily create a cloud backend with sophisticated functionality such as GraphQL, subscriptions and location awareness. Your day at the races will increase the speed and fun as you develop your future applications. Now, off to the races!

Podcasts and Shows

Real Python Podcast Episode 64: Detecting Deforestation With Python & Using GraphQL With Django and Vue

Are you looking for an in-depth data science project to practice your skills on? Perhaps you would like to add new tools to your Python web development projects instead? This week on the show, David Amos is back, and he’s brought another batch of PyCoder’s Weekly articles and projects.

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