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Tools and Open Source

DroidGraph: Test GraphQL APIs from Your Phone

DroidGraph is an Android app which can be used to test GraphQL APIs from your Android device. It currently supports saving and loading queries and mutations with variables. The app will support header configuration and subscriptions in the future. Check out DroidGraph to find out how you can work with GraphQL APIs directly from your Android device.

SwiftGraphQL - A GraphQL Client Built with Swift

SwiftGraphQL is a GraphQL client and code generator that allows developers to create queries using Swift. It guarantees that every query created is valid. Check out SwiftGraphQL to see how you can save time when working with GraphQL.

TQL: A TypeScript GraphQL Query Builder

TQL is a new library by Tim Kendall which acts as a TypeScript GraphQL query builder. It comes with a set of features to allow TypeScript developers to be more productive with their GraphQL APIs, including codegen, full type safety, and the ability to integrate with any GraphQL client. Check out this library to find out how you can be more productive with GraphQL in TypeScript

Tools and Open Source

WunderGraph Hopper - Open Source GraphQL IDE

WunderGraph Hopper is an open-source GraphQL IDE built on top of Monaco Editor (vscode). The IDE comes with some great features, including persisted variables per operation, variable extraction, and rich keyboard shortcuts. Check out this new GraphQL IDE and drop in your feedback!

Tools and Open Source

Meet Stargate, DataStax's GraphQL for databases. First stop - Cassandra

George Anadiotis covers the launch of Stargate, a new open source data gateway API that allows developers to connect GraphQL to Apache Cassandra. He provides an overview of the project and how it offers developers different options for database access.


GraphQL.Tools is a new library from Moien Tajik which acts as a GraphQL to C# compiler (code-generator). It turns your GraphQL schema into a set of C# classes, interfaces, and enums. The project comes with robust documentation and is highly configurable. If you're using GraphQL in C#, check out GraphQL.Tools to see how you can be even more productive.

Improving Latency with @defer and @stream Directives

The @defer and @stream directives have been much anticipated since Lee Byron first talked about them at GraphQL Europe in 2016. The proposed feature is now at stage 2 with the GraphQL Working Group to make them standard. The GraphQL Foundation is looking to the GraphQL community for feedback on these directives. Read on to find out what these directives are all about, how you can use them, and how you can provide feedback.

Tools and Open Source

Introducing graphql-lazyloader

graphql-lazyloader is a new GraphQL directive by Gajus Kuizinas that adds object-level data resolvers and implements PayPal's best practices. The package is designed to help alleviate data over-fetching from resolvers, abstracting the logic for lazy loading into a @lazyload directive. Check out the package to find out how you can benefit from lazy-loading in your GraphQL APIs.

Announcing WPGraphQL v1.0

WPGraphQL is a WordPress plugin by Jason Bahl that enables a GraphQL API for any WordPress site. The plugin has just reached version 1.0 and is ready or production applications. WPGraphQL is a simpler alternative to the native WordPress REST API and fetches data faster. Check out the plugin to learn how you can use it with your WordPress sites.

Tools and Open Source

Transport for London GraphQL API Framework

The tfl-graphql API is a fully-featured GraphQL server for the Transport for London unified API. The project is built by Mathew Trivett and uses Ruby on Rails, Postgres and Redis. Check out the project on Github to see how you can query the Transport for London API with GraphQL.

IrisQL - Autogenerate a GraphQL Schema

IrisQL is a GraphQL prototyping tool that autogenerates a GraphQL schema through an interactive GUI. IrisQL lets users input object types, fields, and their relationships. It visualizes those objects and relationships in a dynamic graph.

Tools and Open Source

LucidQL - Quickly Design and Mock up GraphQL APIs

LucidQL is an open-source tool that helps developers migrate from legacy REST APIs to GraphQL. It also serves as a visualizer for your GraphQL API and allows you to view your GraphQL schema layout and relationships between data. Try LucidQL to see how it can help you manage your transition to GraphQL and visualize your GraphQL API.

Tools and Open Source


Still under construction but with opportunities to support (with a Github star) and contribute, Yap is a lightweight microservices API gateway in GraphQL for microservices or serverless architecture. It aims to be a smaller, more expressive, and more robust foundation for API management and automation workflows with low-code approach and security entreprise-gradle.

Tools and Open Source


Villus is a quick GraphQL client that is simple at its core yet still contains useful abstractions for queries, mutations, and subscriptions. Villus lets you use the composition functions API, higher-order components, or the raw client and still have access to all their features, while keeping the package size under just 3kb.

Saleor Commerce

Saleor is an open source headless, GraphQL-first e-commerce platform built with Python, GraphQL, Django, and ReactJS. You can see their latest milestone, Saleor Commerce on Product Hunt here and learn how to use their GraphQL API to access all data from any web or mobile client for your dynamic online store.

Banana Cake Pop

Banana Cake Pop is a brand new GraphQL IDE which works well with Hot Chocolate (a .NET GraphQL server) and any other GraphQL server. Banana Cake Pop is still in preview and seeking feedback in their slack channel. Banana Cake Pop uses 2-phase introspection to tune the IDE to the GraphQL features that are supported by a GraphQL server. With 2-phase introspection Banana Cake Pop does not limit you to a certain GraphQL spec version but checks for certain features like repeatable directives or subscription support.

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