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Supercharge Feeds with Algolia and GraphQL

What if we could teach a GraphQL API to understand all of our data, regardless of its origin or implementation, so that we can enrich data seamlessly and bidirectionally between the tools, services, and APIs that comprise our stack?

Tracking the Worst Sci-Fi Movies With Angular and Slash GraphQL

A Slash GraphQL service instance contains everything needed to provide data to an Angular app. Follow along with John Vester as he demonstrates how to make an app to track the worst movies of all time.

GraphQL Data Fetching with SWR React Hooks and Hasura

The name “SWR” is derived from stale-while-revalidate, a cache invalidation strategy popularized by HTTP RFC 5861. SWR first returns the data from cache (stale), then sends the fetch request (revalidate), and finally comes with the up-to-date data again. This article shows how to use SWR in a GraphQL and React context backed by Hasura.

Build Your Own Puppy Playdate Tinder App with Slash GraphQL

In this article, Tyler Hawkins details how to use Slash GraphQL to build a pupply playdate app. The stack for this tutorial includes React, Material-UI, Apollo Client, and Slash GraphQL. The article offers step-by-step guidance on using each technology and is a great starting point for getting familiar with Slash GraphQL.

The new GraphQL API for Vector

Vector is an observability agent written in Rust. The team recently added a new GraphQL API using async-graphql and graphql-client, along with a custom WebSocket subscription client to power their new terminal dashboard tool. This post is the first in a three-part series introducing it.

Announcing Nexus 1.0: A Major Release for Type-Safe, Code-First GraphQL APIs

Nexus is a library for building code-first and type-safe GraphQL APIs. After more than two years of development, the Nexus team recently released version 1.0. There are several breaking changes and also a slew of new features for Nexus at 1.0. In this post, Ryan Chenkie from Prisma goes into detail about what you should expect as you upgrade.

GraphQL Authorization with Graphene, SQLAlchemy and oso

In this post, David Hatch demonstrates how to use oso, an open source library for enforcing authorization rules. It covers how to declaratively specify authorization rules in Polar, oso's policy language and how to integrate oso into a GraphQL application in only a few lines of code.

Tools and Open Source

WunderGraph Hopper - Open Source GraphQL IDE

WunderGraph Hopper is an open-source GraphQL IDE built on top of Monaco Editor (vscode). The IDE comes with some great features, including persisted variables per operation, variable extraction, and rich keyboard shortcuts. Check out this new GraphQL IDE and drop in your feedback!

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