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Getting Started with Apollo GraphQL on Android

Apollo provides a library called apollo-android which is designed to work with GraphQL in Android applications. This tutorial by Joe Birch goes into detail about the apollo-android library and how you can use it in an Android project. The tutorial goes into detail about how to set up a project, how to construct a schema, how to perform queries and mutations, and more. Follow along with Joe to find out how you can use GraphQL in your Android apps.

Creating a Data Graph with GraphQL Mesh and Hasura Remote Joins

In this tutorial, Praveen Durairaju covers how to use Hasura remote joins. Remote Joins in Hasura allow developers to join data across tables and remote data sources. Data Federation using Hasura Remote Joins is now available from the v1.3.0 stable release. Follow along with Praveen to learn how to work with data across disparate sources.

Building distributed GraphQL backend using Rust and Apollo Federation

In this article, Roman Kudryashov shows how to build a GraphQL backend using Rust. Roman touches on many core concepts of GraphQL, including the N+1 problem, custom scalars, API security, and more. Follow along with Roman to learn how to build a fully-functional GraphQL API with Rust and Apollo Federation.

Tools and Open Source

DroidGraph: Test GraphQL APIs from Your Phone

DroidGraph is an Android app which can be used to test GraphQL APIs from your Android device. It currently supports saving and loading queries and mutations with variables. The app will support header configuration and subscriptions in the future. Check out DroidGraph to find out how you can work with GraphQL APIs directly from your Android device.

SwiftGraphQL - A GraphQL Client Built with Swift

SwiftGraphQL is a GraphQL client and code generator that allows developers to create queries using Swift. It guarantees that every query created is valid. Check out SwiftGraphQL to see how you can save time when working with GraphQL.

TQL: A TypeScript GraphQL Query Builder

TQL is a new library by Tim Kendall which acts as a TypeScript GraphQL query builder. It comes with a set of features to allow TypeScript developers to be more productive with their GraphQL APIs, including codegen, full type safety, and the ability to integrate with any GraphQL client. Check out this library to find out how you can be more productive with GraphQL in TypeScript