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Using Apollo React Hooks with Typescript

For React developers moving to TypeScript, it's not always apparent how to apply type safety to an existing code base. This tutorial offers guidance to developers who want to apply type safety to their Apollo Client code in a React application. It gives side-by-side views of Apollo Hooks usage with regular JavaScript and then with TypeScript. Follow along to find out how you can make your React applications more type-safe.

Supporting opt-in nested mutations in GraphQL

In this article, Leonardo Losoviz talks about the issue of nested mutations in GraphQL. He covers what nested mutations are, why it's a challenge to support them in the GraphQL spec, and how developers can implement nested mutations if they are needed. The tutorial is very thorough with plenty of code examples. Follow along with Leonardo to find out more about nested mutations in GraphQL.

Dgraph and Slash GraphQL: Using Insomnia with Examples

Insomnia is one of the most popular API development tools that also supports GraphQL. In this article, Abu Sakib demonstrates how to use Insomnia to interact with a Slash GraphQL instance and perform GraphQL requests such as mutations and queries. Follow along wth Abu to learn more about how to use Insomnia with Slash GraphQL.

How to Make GraphQL and DynamoDB Play Nicely Together

Many developers are running GraphQL in serverless functions. One issue with this is that SQL databases aren't always the best fit for serverless. DynamoDB is designed to work well with serverless but it is often misunderstood. In this tutorial, Ryan Bethel guides developers through setting up a GraphQL API backed by DynamoDB on serverless functions. Follow along to learn more about how you can get all the benefits of GraphQL on serverless with a database that is well-suited to the task.

Writing a To-Do App with GraphQL and Web Components

Apollo Elements is a library for building reusable GraphQL components. It works by offering a variety of underlying web component authoring libraries to construct GraphQL-aware components. This post demonstrates how to write a todo app using Apollo Elements. Follow along to find out more about how you can benefit from using Apollo within web components via Apollo Elements.


GraphQL Contributor Days - #GraphQLJanuary

GraphQL Contributor Days is a recurring event which offers important updates to the community and acts as a forum for GraphQL developers to have access to core contributors. As part of GraphQL Contributor Days, Hasura will be offering live Q&A sessions throughout January. Check out the dates and times to find out when you can view the sessions and ask questions.


Adding Authorization to a GraphQL app with oso, Graphene and SQLAlchemy

This video by David Hatch demonstrates how to add authorization to a GraphQL app, specifically one using oso, Graphene, and SQLAlchemy. He covers how to explicitly specify authorization rules, how to integrate oso, and how to filter collections with SQLAlchemy. Follow along to learn more about how to protect your GraphQL apps.

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