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The Easiest Way to Create a GraphQL API for a TypeScript Module

When building a GraphQL server to allow access to a TypeScript module, one needs to make sure that the types in the GraphQL schema reflect accurately what data is expected. In this article, Marcin Hagmajer goes into detail about how this can be achieved with TypeGraphQL. He gives side-by-side demonstrations of getting to the same outcome with both native TypeScript and TypeGraphQL. Follow along with Marcin to learn more about how you can benefit from type safety in your GraphQL APIs.

Rendering the WordPress Philosophy in GraphQL

WordPress holds the philosophy that user needs should be prioritized over developer convenience. In this guide, Leonardo Losoviz shows how the WordPress philosophy can be realized in a GraphQL setting. He shows how the code-first approach can help and demonstrates it through how his GraphQL API for WordPress plugin works.

Jetpack Compose and GraphQL, a very merry combination!

Jetpack Compose is a toolkit for building native UIs in Android. This toolkit can be paired with other tools, GraphQL being one of them. John O'Reilly demonstrates how Jetpack Compose can be used in conjunction with GraphQL and Apollo. He shows how to run queries, how to implement paging, and more. Follow along with John to find out more about how you can use Jetpack Compose and GraphQL together.

How to stop using your GraphQL API as a REST API

When moving to GraphQL from REST, it's natural to try to bring RESTful patterns and adapt them to GraphQL. However, this creates some issues, especially when it comes to data overfetching. In this article, Amanda Beiner talks about the problems that come from trying to use RESTful patterns in GraphQL, the downstream issues that arise from it, and how you can adapt in a more suitable way.


GraphQL Asia: Asia's Largest GraphQL Conference is Back

GraphQL Asia is back again in 2021 and is taking place on February 24 and 25. The two-day conference will feature talks from talented GraphQL developers from around the world and will also provide a number of workshops. This year, the conference will feature content in multiple Asian languages. Find out more about GraphQL Asia and sign up to attend.

GraphQL Berlin Meetup #20: Beginners Welcome! + quiz with prizes

The next installment of GraphQL Berlin will take place on February 3 and will feature two talks: "GraphQL From A to Z" by Vignesh T.V. and "Ramp up your GraphQL learning experience with data you already have" by Stephen Schneider. The talks for this edition are particularly beginner-friendly. Sign up to RSVP for the event and join on February 3.

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