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Generated GraphQL APIs: Tight Coupling as a Service

Generating APIs is becoming more and more popular, especially in the GraphQL community. One of the challenges that comes with generated GraphQL APIs is that there are tradeoffs one must accept which might not bode well for production. One example is that certain information that should be hidden is actually exposed in the generated API. In this post, Jens Neuse discusses GraphQL API generation, the tradeoffs that exist therein, and how to overcome them. Follow along with Jens to learn more about how to be effective with generated GraphQL APIs.

GraphQL Defer Example - Part 1

In this post, Dilan Srilal discusses the GraphQL @defer directive and how it can be used in a GraphQL API. He provides an example with graphql-helix, nexus, and the experimental stream defer package. Follow along with Dilan to find out more about the defer directive and how it is used.

Implementing a GraphQL Server With Components In PHP

PoP is a library by Leonardo Losoviz that is used for creating GraphQL APIs in PHP. In this article, Leonardo describes the architectural design of a GraphQL server written with PoP. He talks about the impetus for PoP and its design, how components are defined with PoP, and more. Follow along with Leonardo to find out more about working with GraphQL in PHP.


Relay Meetup - A global, online meetup on Relay, the GraphQL client

The Relay Meetup is an online meetup that focuses specifically on the Relay client. In this installment, Joe Savona from the Relay team will discuss upcoming developments in Relay and will also host a Q&A session for the community. The meetup happens on February 10, 2021 at 17:00 GMT. RSVP today and send in any questions you have that you'd like discussed at the meetup.

GraphQL Berlin Meetup #20

The next installment of GraphQL Berlin will take place on February 3, 2021 and will feature two talks: "GraphQL From A to Z" by Vignesh T.V. and "Ramp up your GraphQL learning experience with data you already have" by Stephen Schneider. The talks for this edition are particularly beginner-friendly. Sign up to RSVP for the event and join on February 3.


A New Year for GraphQL Schema Stitching

The GraphQL Tools library (which has typically been used to accomplish Schema Stitching), was recently assumed by The Guild. The library has been undergoing a revitalization and brings with it a new way to do Schema Stitching. Greg MacWilliam from The Guild has authored a handbook on Schema Stitching in the context of the newest updates to GraphQL Tools. Check out the book to learn more.


Introducing Odyssey, the Apollo Learning Platform

Apollo has just announced Odyssey, a free, hands-on learning tool to help developers become more familiar with the Apollo stack. Each Odyssey course is a collection of approachable lessons that walks developers through a particular Apollo topic. Lessons are presented in both video and text, and they’re lightly seasoned with questions and code challenges to help reinforce understanding. Check out the new Odyssey platform to see how you can level up with Apollo.

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