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Open Sourcing the Netflix Domain Graph Service Framework: GraphQL for Spring Boot

Netflix has developed a Domain Graph Service (DGS) framework and has now made it open source. The DGS framework simplifies the implementation of GraphQL, both for standalone and federated GraphQL services. The framework is battle-hardened by Netflix's use at scale. Read on to find out more about DGS and how you can use it in your own projects.

Oh Hello Apollo Client , Goodbye Redux!

Apollo Client is a popular library for using GraphQL in front end applications. Apollo offers its own variety of state management and can be used as a replacement for Redux. In this article, Ankita Kulkarni goes into detail about when one might consider replacing Redux with Apollo Client and what some of the trade offs are. The article goes into detail about local-only fields, reactive variables, and more. Follow along with Ankita to learn more about how you can replace Redux with Apollo Client.

Building A Customer Journey using Domain Driven Design and GraphQL

An important part of building digital experiences is to take special care in designing the user's journey. In this article, Anand Chandrashekar shows how to design and build a customer journey using Domain Driven Design. The demo application is built with GraphQL and uses a Slash GraphQL backend. Follow along with Anand to learn more about Domain Driven Design.

Creating a Twitter Graph Using Slash GraphQL

In this article, John Vester demonstrates how to analyze Twitter search results graphically using GraphQL. As part of the tutorial, he shows how to expose links and nodes that are not apparent through any other data analysis efforts. The demonstration uses Slash GraphQL as a backend and also touches on Angular to visualize the data. Follow along with John to learn more about how to deal with data visualizations using GraphQL.


GraphQL Contributor Days - The State of GraphQL

GraphQL Contributor Days is a recurring event put on by This Dot Media in collaboration with Hasura. The events allow members of the GraphQL community to interact with GraphQL core contributors and ask questions. The next installment of GraphQL Contributor Days will focus on the State of GraphQL. It will take place on April 6, 2021 at 12:00 pm EDT. Sign up today to take part in the next event.