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Doing More With GraphQL: Interfaces and Unions

GraphQL offers two abstract types: interfaces and unions. Abstract types make APIs easier to use and create room for growth. This article by Abu Sakib presents several examples of what you can do with interfaces and unions and shows the capabilities they can provide for your own projects.

How to Build a GraphQL API for Text Analytics with Python, Flask and Fauna

In this article, Adesina Abdrulrahman demonstrates how to build a text analytics API with GraphQL. The article shows how to use Levenshetein distance in a GraphQL API with the well-known NLTK library. Follow along with Adesina to learn more about how you can bring text analysis to GraphQL.

Querying Data With GraphQL & Ballerina

Ballerina is an open source programming language and platform that is geared towards writing software for the cloud. In Ballerina, the GraphQL object structure is modelled using services. In this article, Anjana Fernando demonstrates how to build a GraphQL application with Ballerina and what developers must be aware of while doing so. Follow along with Anjana to learn more about Ballerina and how to use it with GraphQL.

Tools & Open Source

Damn Vulnerable GraphQL Application

Damn Vulnerable GraphQL Application is an intentionally vulnerable implementation of Facebook's GraphQL technology. It was created by Dolev Farhi and its purpose is to help GraphQL developers learn and practice GraphQL security. Check out the project to learn how you can avoid common GraphQL security pitfalls and improve your application's security posture.

Libraries and Tools

Jumpstart Your Next SaaS Product with Bedrock

Bedrock is a modern Next.js and GraphQL boilerplate created by Max Stoiber that focuses on making developers more productive when building SaaS products. Beyond the base of Next.js and GraphQL, Bedrock comes with TypeScript, Prisma, Nexus, Passport, Stripe, and more. Find out more about Bedrock and how it can help you build your next SaaS project faster.