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GraphQL Explained in 100 Seconds

This video on the Fireship YouTube channel provides a succinct but thorough description of GraphQL and how it compares to REST. It includes great animations which are useful for helping the viewer understand how data flows, the issues that exist around overfetching, and more. Check out the video to learn more about how GraphQL compares to REST.

GraphQL middleware for headless ecommerce with Crystallize Service API

Modern ecommerce solutions require using a stack of multiple services, each performing a part of the business logic. In this livestream originally aired on Feb 18, 2021, the Crystallize team demonstrates how to use GraphQL middlewares to create a decoupled architecture. Check out the video to learn more about how to split an application up based on responsibilities and how it is helpful for powering modern ecommerce.

Full Tutorial #7: Setting Up a User Session Query Handler | Microservices Chat App Using React, Node.js, TypeScript and GraphQL

In this video, Better Coding Academy shows how to set up user sessions in a chat app that uses GraphQL. The tutorial shows how to inject a session and use information from it. It builds on a series of videos showing how to build full stacks apps with GraphQL.


Fullstack GraphQL Workshop at React Summit Remote Edition

Eve Porcello will deliver a workshop on fullstack GraphQL at the upcoming React Summit. The workshop will take place on April 8 and 9, 2021 and will cover GraphQL from the ground up. Topics include the GraphQL query language, the schema language, Apollo Server, unions and interfaces, Apollo Client, and much more. Check out the workshop details to learn more about how you can jump start your learning on full stack GraphQL with Eve.

Twitter Threads

Quick GraphQL Tips for a Quick Month

For the month of February, Eve Porcello is sharing a daily GraphQL tip on Twitter. The tips thus far have covered a range of topics including tooling, documentation, GraphQL concepts, and how to implement various pieces of functionality. Check out the Twitter thread and follow Eve to get a daily GraphQL quick tip!