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Building a GraphQL CRUD API for your Database with TypeGraphQL & Prisma

Building CRUD APIs can be a tedious chore. The time spent writing glue code, plumbing layers together and doing repetitive work is often better invested into tasks that actually add value and solve interesting problems. In this article, Alex Ruheni shows how to prototype an e-commerce GraphQL CRUD API using TypeGraphQL, Apollo Server and Prisma for database access. Follow along with Alex to learn more about these great technologies and how they can save you time.

Using Lambda on Slash GraphQL with examples

Slash GraphQL is a fully managed GraphQL backend service that pairs well with AWS Lambda. In this post, Apoorv Vardhan demonstrates how to use the Slash GraphQL service along with Lambda functions for custom logic. The article covers how to create a schema, how to get set up locally, how to create a lambda field resolver, and more. Follow along with Apoorv to find out more about how Slash GraphQL and AWS Lambda work together.

Build an app with GraphQL, Lambda, DynamoDB, Serverless Framework, Vue, React and Tailwind

Fullstack Serverless GraphQL is a guide that walks developers through how to build apps with Lambda, DynamoDB, Serverless Framework, React, Vue and Tailwind. The app allows users to book vacations to the moon. The frontend projects explore some advanced patterns in Vue as well as implementing Apollo Local State in React as a replacement for Redux. Check out the tutorial to learn more about how these technologies can be used together.

GraphQL in Swift

In this article, Majid Jabrayilov demonstrates how to use GraphQL in a Swift app. He begins by introducing GraphQL and the benefits it provides, how the tools provided by Apollo fit in, and how to set everything up in a Swift project. Follow along with Majid to find out how you can use GraphQL in your own Swift projects.

Tools & Open Source


vite-plugin-vue-gql is a package that helps developers clean up their Vue SFC scripts by moving GraphQL queries to their own block. In doing so, it helps developers keep their Vue SFC files neat and organized. Check out the plugin to see how you can benefit from it in your own Vue projects.


Announcing Hasura GraphQL Engine 2.0!

Hasura recently announced version 2.0 of their core product, Hasura GraphQL Engine. It is entirely backwards compatible with Hasura 1.x while also introducing fundamental changes inside the GraphQL engine. The new features include options for multiple database connections, support for REST, authorization enhancements, and much more. Read on to find out more about what's new in Hasura GraphQL Engine 2.0!