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Building REST from GraphQL - a story of engineering in Haskell

Hasura's GraphQL engine is built with Haskell, a language choice some may consider unintuitive. In this article, Lyndon Maydwell recounts how Hasura recently implemented a new feature which maps REST interfaces to GraphQL queries and how Haskell was advantageous in doing so. Read on to find out more about Hasura's new feature and how their engineering team approached it.

Explore GraphQL with Graphman

Graphman is a new macOS and iOS app that allows developers to prototype requests and explore GraphQL APIs. In this post, Tim Roesner illustrates how to use Graphman in both settings. He details how to use GraphQL unions, nested queries, variables and more. Follow along with Tim to find out more about Graphman and how you can use it today.

How we use GraphQL at Europe's largest fashion e-commerce company

Managing consistent and backwards-compatible APIs for web and mobile app frontends is always a complex task in the long-term. Zalando uses GraphQL to solve some of the most common problems of frontend data requirements while gaining speed of delivery in a large and quickly growing organization. In this article, Aditya Pratap Singh talks about GraphQL as Unified-Backend-For-Frontend (UBFF) application. It's the first in a series of posts about problems Zalando solved with GraphQL.


Finding Your Next Bug: GraphQL Hacking - OWASP London Chapter Meeting Live Stream

Katie Paxton-Fear recently gave a talk on finding GraphQL bugs at the OWASP London Chapter meeting. In the talk, Katie discusses common bugs found in GraphQL implementations and how to address them. Tune in to learn about how to search for bugs in your own GraphQL apps and what to do about them.


GraphQL Summit Worldwide 2021

The 2021 GraphQL Summit will take place virtually on April 7 and will feature a diverse range of GraphQL experts from around the globe. Check out the current lineup and reserve your spot for the conference today!