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Beyond REST - Rapid Development with GraphQL Microservices

Since early 2020, Netflix has been iteratively developing systems to provide internal stakeholders and business leaders with up-to-date tools and dashboards with the latest information on the pandemic. One approach that is gaining mind-share within Netflix Studio Engineering is the concept of GraphQL microservices (GQLMS) as a backend platform facilitating rapid application development. In this post, Dane Avilla goes in-depth about how Netflix implemented GraphQL Microservices, including details on database views as an API, PostgresSQL composite types, and more.

How Square accelerates product development with Apollo GraphQL

Square started their journey in 2009 with a credit card reader that plugged into the iPhone and iPhone app using a single Ruby on on Rails service. Since then, they have grown into an international company providing a suite of products and platforms to help businesses and individuals participate in the economy. In this webinar by Apollo, Tech Lead on the Platform, Infrastructure, and Engineering Team, Lenny Burdette, discusses how Square works with Apollo to build a better experience for their customers. Check out the webinar to learn more about how Apollo GraphQL is used at scale.

Tools & Open Source

BaseQL - Turn your base into a GraphQL API endpoint

BaseQL provides a dynamic GraphQL API for Airtable bases. It's built for allowing speed of development without the hassle of a managed database or complicated REST endpoints. BaseQL enables engineers and low/no coders everywhere to put a custom interface on top of an Airtable base. Checkout BaseQL today to learn more about how you can get a GraphQL API for Airtable bases.

GraphQL Tools - Mocking

The strongly-typed nature of a GraphQL API lends itself extremely well to mocking. This is an important part of a GraphQL-first development process because it enables front end developers to build out UI components and features without having to wait for a backend implementation. Check out the GraphQL Tools library (maintained by The Guild) and the Mocking package to learn more.


What does the .NET ecosystem look like for GraphQL & is it maintained?

In this short video, Hasura looks at the what GraphQL looks like in the .NET ecosystem, how support is maintained, and more.