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Build a Basic GraphQL Server with ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework in 10 Minutes

In this article, Rahul Rai shows how to build a GraphQL server using GraphQL, Autofac, EFCore and the repository pattern. The extensive tutorial goes through the setup process, how to create API models, how to set up a database, and more. Follow along with Rahul to learn more about how to use GraphQL with ASP.NET.

Top 7 GraphQL IDEs you should know about in 2021

The GraphQL ecosystem has grown dramatically since the technology's inception in 2012. IDEs are an important part of the GraphQL toolchain. In this blog post, Vishwa Mehta from Hasura goes through a list of the top 7 IDEs that you should know about in 2021. The list includes popular IDEs like GraphiQL, Insomnia, and Postman, but also includes lesser-known ones. Check out the list of the top 7 GraphQL IDEs to learn more about them and their benefits.

How I’m Developing My Full Stack Web App “With the Guards Up” By Using Apollo and GraphQL

Those familiar with bowling will no doubt have seen how the gutter can be inverted such that the ball is not able to go off track. In this article, Kieron Mckenna brings the analogy of bowling lane guards to app development as he walks through his approach to building full-stack apps "with the guards up". He talks about the problems that we often face when building out an API and a front end to access data from it and shows how we can benefit from tools like Apollo (Client and Server), GraphQL Code Generator, Prisma, and Typescript to make our lives easier.

Building a Realtime GraphQL Chat Application With SMS Notifications

With the emergence of GraphQL came a new way for developers to develop client/server applications. The benefits of developing GraphQL applications are numerous, from explicitly requesting what you need from the server to real-time event-driven communication through subscriptions. This article highlights code-first GraphQL and its superpowers. The article also outlines how to develop a chat application powered by Next.js and Apollo on the frontend, and Prisma, graphql-yoga and SMS notification using the excellent Vonage SMS API on the backend.

The Data Access Layer in Jmix: JPA on Steroids

JPA is a de-facto standard for creating a data model for Java applications. This API does not provide facilities to implement advanced security features or soft deletes so developers have to implement their own solutions. In this article, Andrey Belyaev discusses the data access layer in Jmix and talks about what can be done with this framework and its tools. He then shows how data access works under the hood.

Tools & Open Source

OPC UA Gateway for GraphQL and MQTT

OPC UA Gateway for GraphQL and MQTT is an interface to OPC UA servers. OPC UA is used in the field of process automation. This gateway gives access to automation data via GraphQL. It can also read the OPC UA object model and convert it to a GraphQL schema. The automation objects are presented with structure and elements in the GraphQL schema, together with tools like GraphiQL, it‘s easy to find the right objects and query the values of its elements. Check out OPC UA Gateway for GraphQL and MQTT to learn more.

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