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How To Condense Your GraphQL Queries With the @materializer Directive

The @materializer directive is a custom directive by StepZen that helps GraphQL API developers reduce the amount of code they need to write. In this article, Lucia Cerchie demonstrates how to use the directive and how developers can benefit from it. Follow along with Lucia to find out more about how you can reduce the amount of code required for your GraphQL servers.

Reducing database queries to a minimum with Data Loaders

A data loader is an abstraction between application code and some backing store, such as a database, allowing batching of requests and caching. In this article by Sixfold, the data loader pattern is explored in more detail in context of Kafka consumers. Read on to learn more about data loaders, Kafka, and how they fit into a GraphQL application.

Forget REST. Here's How to Make a GraphQL API with Laravel

Lighthouse is a GraphQL framework that integrates GraphQL into Laravel applications. In this article, Lloyd Miller demonstrates how to use Lighthouse to expose a GraphQL API from a Laravel app. He covers the installation process, how to create database migrations, how to create a schema, and more. Follow along with Lloyd to learn more about how to use GraphQL in a Laravel app.

Tools & Open Source

gql - A GraphQL HTTP middleware for Deno

gql is a universal GraphQL HTTP middleware for Deno. It supports std/http, tinyhttp and any other backend framework. The library is well tested and has autogenerated docs. Check out the project to see code examples and to learn how you can start using gql in your Deno projects today.

Introducing Bramble: A Federated GraphQL Gateway Implemented In Go

Movio has just announced the release of Bramble, a federated GraphQL gateway implemented in Go. The open source project supports features like GraphQL federation, fine-grained authorization, a single binary deployment, and more. Check out the details about Bramble in the article to learn more about how you might benefit from this new project.