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Libraries and Tools

apollo-rs: spec-compliant GraphQL tools in Rust

Apollo recently announced apollo-rs, an open-source collection of spec-compliant tools for working with GraphQL in Rust.

Libraries and Tools

Strawberry, a new Python GraphQL library

Strawberry is a new GraphQL library for Python 3, inspired by dataclasses.

Announcing Slicknode Open-Source

Ivo Meißner is releasing Slicknode, the GraphQL application framework + headless CMS, as Open-Source-Software.

Libraries and Tools

genqlient: A truly type-safe Go GraphQL client

GraphQL can not only be used for client to server, but also inter-service communication. That's where the team and Khanacademy make heavy use of GraphQL. To make this communication more manageable, they built a new GraphQL Client for Go: genqlient. The design goals are minimal boilerplate and type-safety for requests and responses, which makes a big difference to developer ergonomics.

Libraries and Tools

GraphQL Response Caching with Envelop

In this article, Laurin Quast explains the motivations behind response caching and how it works. He also introduces the response cache plugin for Envelop, a wrapper library to extend the GraphQL execution layer.

Elucid: A GraphQL Error Detector For the Rest of Us

Detecting and handling errors for GraphQL requests sent over HTTP can be particularly painful. In this article, Giovanni Iacobucci introduces Elucid, an error handling library for express-graphql. He also goes on to explain the motivations behind the library and its future direction.

Obsidian: The Caching Solution for GraphQL in Deno Runtime

Obsidian is a lightweight server-side GraphQL caching solution for the Deno runtime. In this article, Jonn Wong mentions the recent features of Obsidian and explains how to get started with the library.

Libraries and Tools

Your In-Depth Guide to Neo4j GraphQL Library 2.0.0

Last week we covered the release of Neo4j GraphQL Library 2.0.0. In this article, Daniel Starns from Neo4j takes a deep dive into the changes and new features in 2.0.0, along with various tips.

Libraries and Tools

Jumpstart Your Next SaaS Product with Bedrock

Bedrock is a modern Next.js and GraphQL boilerplate created by Max Stoiber that focuses on making developers more productive when building SaaS products. Beyond the base of Next.js and GraphQL, Bedrock comes with TypeScript, Prisma, Nexus, Passport, Stripe, and more. Find out more about Bedrock and how it can help you build your next SaaS project faster.

Libraries and Tools


micro-graphql-svelte is a new library from Adam Rackis that makes it easy to work with GraphQL in a Svelte application. The library provides a query and mutation function to produce a store with your query's data or mutation info. It differs from other projects in its approach to cache invalidation. Check out micro-graphql-svelte to find out how you can use GraphQL in your Svelte projects.

Libraries and Tools

Making GraphQL Magic with Sqlmancer ??✨

Announcing the beta release of Sqlmancer – a Node.js library that allows you to translate GraphQL queries into SQL statements. Sqlmancer joins the growing ecosystem of GraphQL-to-SQL tools and supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and SQLite. Sqlmancer leverages GraphQL directives to map the GraphQL schema to database tables and follows the schema-first approach to GraphQL. Under the hood, it uses the SQL query builder Knex.js and works by generating models from your GraphQL types.

Announcing Hasura Remote Joins: A GraphQL API to join across your database and other data-sources

Hasura, a popular GraphQL-to-SQL tool, introduces Remote Joins - a feature that enables fetching data from multiple remote sources in addition to PostgreSQL. As projects with multiple databases and 3rd party APIs become increasingly normal, teams must contend with fragmented data and no single "source of truth". Application developers have a hard time getting access to precise slices of data and a lot of dev cycles are spent in bringing all that data together securely. Follow along to learn how to get started with common use-cases.

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