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RetailMeNot 💜 GraphQL Federation

Read up on how GraphQL Federation allowed RetailMeNot's developers to iterate faster and reduce their dependencies.

Working With Built-in GraphQL Directives

Jamie Barton explores GraphQL’s built-in schema and operation directives that all GraphQL spec compliant APIs must implement.

What makes urql different from other GraphQL clients

Listen to Phil Pluckthun explaining what the guiding principles for urql are and how those helped differentiate from other GraphQL clients.

Libraries and Tools

Strawberry, a new Python GraphQL library

Strawberry is a new GraphQL library for Python 3, inspired by dataclasses.

Announcing Slicknode Open-Source

Ivo Meißner is releasing Slicknode, the GraphQL application framework + headless CMS, as Open-Source-Software.


GraphQL Galaxy | Dec 9-10

GraphQL Galaxy is quickly approaching, if you want to submit a talk, do so before Oct 17th.