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GraphQL, meet LiveGraph: a real-time data system at scale

To provide a general solution to the problem of building (near) real-time views while abstracting the complexities of the data systems, Figma developed LiveGraph. It provides a data fetching layer on top of Postgres that allows your frontend code to request real-time data subscriptions expressed with GraphQL.

Why GraphQL Is Perfect as Data Layer for Microservices

GraphQL and microservices architectures are perfectly compatible. You can use GraphQL as a data layer for these microservices and combine data from all these services into one universal API. This way, you can break the core of your services into different microservices while still providing one endpoint that your clients can interact with.

How Instatus reduced their infrastructure costs by 86% thanks to GraphCDN’s GraphQL edge caching

Instatus allows its customers to create status pages for their products and services. They are beautiful, customizable, and load super quickly for visitors. For example, Linear uses them for their status page. Let's dive into their architecture to understand how GraphCDN's GraphQL edge cache helped reduce their infrastructure costs by a whopping 86%.

Field arguments vs. directives in GraphQL

Leonardo Losoviz explores how you can modify the output of a GraphQL field with arguments or directives, the pros, and cons, and ultimately makes a recommendation on when to use which approach.


GraphQL and The Data Mesh | October 28

GraphQL is being used to simplify operational & analytical data challenges in organizations. Different approaches such as building an operational data lake with an easy data access API, as well as a federated data access API are being explored and GraphQL opens up opportunities for enabling these architectures by laying the foundation for a data mesh. This conference will explore the concept and the best practices in building, operating, and maintaining an enterprise-grade data mesh powered by GraphQL.