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How to build GraphQL servers

Jonas Helfer from Apollo did a great write up about his learning while implementing a couple of GraphQL servers. He talks about how to structure your code and which abstractions are helpful when writing GraphQL backends.

Build a GraphQL server for Node.js, using PostgreSQL/MySQL

Even though this video is already a bit older it's still a great tutorial to get started developing your own GraphQL server. Lee Benson walks you through all the steps to build up a simple database-backed GraphQL backend.

Open Source


Speaking of writing your own GraphQL server. This great project helps you to use Sequelize implementing the data resolvers of your backend. The most recent release even supports Relay pagination for MySQL databases.


Usually you define your GraphQL schema first and receive generated JSON responses. This tool turns it around and generates a NodeJS GraphQL schema from your JSON data. This is a really neat idea!


Tweet of the week

"To me #GraphQL is the most promising web service approach, especially for content management systems of any kind". We couldn't agree more with Helmut Hummel.