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Articles & Videos

Batch, defer, stream, live, and subscribe

Sashko Stubailo from Apollo wraps up with React Europe 2016 and discusses hot new features such as request batching, @defer, @stream, @live, and subscriptions. If you haven't seen Lee Byron talking about these concepts, you should definitely at least read this article.

Query batching in Apollo

If you've already written a GraphQL app yourself, depending on your architecture you might end up doing a lot of queries. Dhaivat Pandya presents how Apollo implements a feature called "query batching" to make fewer requests without changing your app.

Open Source

GraphQL Toolbox

Oleg Ilyenko (author of Sangria) just released an exciting new project: GraphQL Toolbox. As the name suggests it's a collection of useful tools for/in GraphQL such as a GraphiQL-based in-browser HTTP proxy.


Syrus Akbary (author of Graphene) began working on a new Python GraphQL client simply called "gql". It aims to bring the power of Relay and Apollo to Python. This seems to be a nice alternative to this simple Python client.

apollostack/apollo-client - PR #320

An exciting new feature just landed in Apollo client. Similar to the "mutator configuration" in Relay, Apollo now provides a way to describe mutation behavior in a nice declarative way. This is a big step towards becoming a powerful alternative to Relay.


GraphQL Tech Talk in SF

Facebook hosts a tech talk event on July 19 at 6:30pm in San Fransicso. Josh Duck (Engineering Manager) will talk about how Facebook uses GraphQL and Relay internally. Save the date!