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GraphQL for iOS Developers

In this article Orta Therox briefly describes some of the main benefits of GraphQL and explains how GraphQL makes the life of a iOS developer easier. He specifically talks about the relation between View Models and GraphQL.

Open Source


Atom seems like a very promising project. The author describes it as a "Server side powertool for prototyping". This could be a fantastic approach to get started with a new GraphQL project when you haven't fully fledged out your backend structure.


The adoption of GraphQL seems to move fastest on the web. However the real strength of GraphQL will be mobile development. SwiftyQL is a first step into that direction which is an early client and server implementation of GraphQL.


Berlin Workshop: Introduction to GraphQL and Relay

As part of this year's Tech Open Air in Berlin, Johannes Schickling will give a workshop about GraphQL and Relay. This is meant as a practical introduction so bring your laptop. The event is on July 15 and starts at 10am.

AMA with Apollo Team

If you have any questions for the team behind Apollo, now is the right time. You can "ask them anything" on Hashnode. The best (if not all) questions will be answered on the 26th of July.