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Articles & Videos

Snappier UIs with Apollo Client

Read how the guys at Apollo reimplemented parts of their UI for Meteor Galaxy using Apollo Client and GraphQL. An in-depth analysis of how Apollo Client helps reduce no-op UI re-renders and server rountrips follows.

Relay for Visual Learners

Relay for Visual Learners offers a good alternate way of looking at things. It helps picturing how all the different concepts in Relay fit together.

Open Source

Become Relay

A good resource to get more familiar with Relay! Become Relay lays out a path of resources and articles that you can follow on your way to Relay mastery. Try to combine it with Relay for Visual Learners if you feel stuck.


Use Gestalt to define an API with PostgreSQL backend based on GraphQL and a small set of directives.

GraphQL Helpers

This project is a neat extension for graphql-js, allowing the creation of types and interfaces using the GraphQL syntax and includes resolvers and resolver decorators for common use cases. Includes specific Relay support as a bonus!


Turning a directory into a GraphQL server

Great open source project teaser by @kylemathews, we're excited for further news on this. Maybe someone from the community has additional input for this idea?