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Angular, meet GraphQL

An introduction to GraphQL for Angular developers. This article makes a great case for GraphQL and highlights its strengths. The gist of it: If the Angular community would embrace GraphQL, it could profit from many React best-practices concerning GraphQL.

Open Source

How to use GraphQL in your Redux App

A tutorial that shows you how you can combine the Apollo Client with Redux to sync fetched data and gain the most from both libraries.

Apollo iOS

Another GraphQL client from Apollo, this time for Swift! Being early stage, the author @martijnwalraven would appreciate your feedback, especially on the design of the client.


Enhanced GraphiQL

An enhanced version of the well-known GraphQL playground app GraphiQL, offering tabs with separate settings for the endpoint, HTTP headers and saved queries. This tool gets constant improvements from @easyangel as part of the GraphQL Toolbox we already featured.

Q/A with Lee Byron

Read this awesome transcript of the Q/A session with @leeb to gain first-hand insight into several topics related to GraphQL, Facebook or burning keyboards!