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Articles & Videos

Implementing GraphQL

Oleg Ilyenko, author of Sangria, talks about his experience implementing the GraphQL specification. He discusses concepts like query analysis and introduces different instrumentation ideas. The slides can be found here.

GraphQL Basics

This article is a nice little introduction to GraphQL and covers the basic concepts behind it. We're glad that there are so many new resources coming up for people new to GraphQL.

Open Source

Cashay - "Relay for the rest of us"

More and more GraphQL clients are being developed recently. (Which is fantastic!) Cashay takes a similar route as Apollo and uses Redux internally. It also comes with Webpack support baked in. Let us know if you already tried it.

sangria-graphql/sangria - Release 0.7.0

Sangria seems to be one of the most actively developed GraphQL server implementations. Last week a new version landed with many great improvements and spearheading the GraphQL CATS project (Compatibility Acceptance Tests).


ReactEurope 2016 - Q&A

This is the Q&A that took place at the end of the 2016 conference with members from the core team of React, Flow and of course GraphQL.