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Articles & Videos

Field-level security at Twitter's Fabric

Not just Facebook is counting on GraphQL. Twitter is also heavily investing in a new tech stack and now published how Fabric is using GraphQL to protect their customer data and improve up-time.

Why GraphQL is the future

Jonas Helfer, core developer at Apollo, discussed the rise of GraphQL and why it's great news for developers. He compares it to the traditional REST model and shows how everybody already used it for years.

GraphQL vs. Falcor

Falcor catches up in popularity quite quickly. And indeed it's great to see a similar technology being developed which drives innovation. This article explains the GraphQL counterparts in Falcor.

Open Source

graphql-elixir/graphql_relay - Release 0.3.0

The Elixir community is one of the strongest adopters of GraphQL. A few hours ago the server-side library to support Relay APIs has been updated to version 0.3. Great job!


ReactEurope 2016 - Retrospective

Melissa Marshall recaps the last weekend in Paris attending the conference ReactEurope 2016. It's clear that the focus of this conference has become more than "just React". GraphQL is getting more and more the center of things. Who knows - maybe there will be a GraphQLConf soon?