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Articles & Tutorials

Building a GraphQL Server with Node.js (How to GraphQL)

The <code>graphql-js</code> tutorial track on "How to GraphQL" has been updated. It's now a full introduction to building GraphQL servers with tools like <code>graphql-yoga</code>, Express.js and Prisma. It explains how to build a GraphQL API that offers filtering, pagination, sorting as well as authentication and realtime functionality with GraphQL subscriptions.

GraphQL Server Tutorial: GitHub Authentication

Matic Zavadlal wrote an excellent tutorial that explains how to implement GitHub authentication for your GraphQL server. Through the course of this tutorial, you'll learn how to build the API for a simple notes app that uses the GitHub login API for authentication functionality.

Introducing Prisma 🎉 (Graphcool Blog)

This week, the Graphcool team introduced Prisma, an open-source GraphQL API layer that turns your database into a GraphQL API. Prisma is a GraphQL query engine and the core technology that's powering the Graphcool Framework. Its API can be used as the foundation for building your own GraphQL server or can be accessed directly from the frontend.

Open Tools & Source


GrAMPS is middleware designed for apollo-server-express that allows independent data sources — a schema, resolvers, and data access model — to be composed into a single GraphQL schema, while keeping the code within each data source isolated, independently testable, and completely decoupled from the rest of your application. To learn more about GrAMPS, you can also check out the keynote from this year's GraphQL summit.

GraphQL Boilerplates

GraphQL boilerplates can be used as starter kits for your GraphQL apps. There are backend-only boilerplates for Node.js and TypeScript as well as fullstack boilerplates for various frontend frameworks, such as React, Vue and Angular. Every technology has a minimal, a basic and an advanced boilerplate setup you can choose from (e.g. when using the graphql create command). Note that many of these projects are still in need for contributors and maintainers. Please reach out to the folks at Graphcool if you're interested in contributing - this is a great opportunity to get involved with open-source work and contribute back to the community!


GraphQL Radio (Podcast)

If you're interested in the GraphQL ecosystem and community, be sure to check out the latest episodes of GraphQL Radio! In the last episode, James Baxley from the Apollo team presented many interesting insights into the development of Apollo Client 2.0. Before, Jason Lengstorf was on to talk about schema stitching and his awesome project GrAMPS. The episodes are available on Youtube, Soundcloud and in your favorite podcast apps.