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GraphQL Server Tutorial: File handling with AWS S3

One question many GraphQL developers come across is how to deal with files in their GraphQL server implementations. In this awesome tutorial, Matic Zavadlal guides you through the process of building a file handling API based on Prisma and AWS S3.

Deploying GraphQL Servers with Now

The landscape for server deployment has drastically improved over the past years. A few years ago, it was common practice to SSH into a remote machine and start the server there. Today, there are awesome new tools and abstractions that make server deployment a breeze. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to deploy a GraphQL server and make it available instantly on the web. The tutorial is based on Now, an awesome one-click deployment tool.


What’s next for React Apollo

Apollo Client for React is moving fast and lots of helpful features are being added! In this article, James Baxley from the Apollo team highlights the most important features of the upcoming React Apollo 2.1 release, among them: a new Query component (that can be used as an alternative to the familiar graphql HOC), support for Preact and TypeScript improvements.

Open-Sourcing GraphCMS

The GraphCMS team has started the new year with a big bang: They are going to open source parts of their stack - starting with the web console. Being a CMS, this is a great move as it allows the community to build custom extensions and editors for the content that's fed into the system.

Community & Open Source


Attention Scala developers! Facundo Viale has implemented a simple GraphQL client that sits on top of Sangria, Akka HTTP and Circe. The project is brand new, be sure to check it out!


HyperGraphQL is a GraphQL interface for querying and serving linked data on the web. It is designed to support federated querying and exposing data from multiple linked data services using GraphQL. The basic response fromat isJSON-LD, which extends the standard JSON with the JSON-LD context enabling semantic disambiguation of the contained data.

GraphQL Radio: State Management with Apollo w/ Jake Dawkins (Podcast)

In the last episode of the first GraphQL Radio season, Jake Dawkins (lead engineer at Major League Soccer) is on. He talks about how GraphQL is used at MLS as well as how to get started with apollo-link-state, a new state management solution for React.