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GraphQL Schema Stitching explained: Schema Delegation

This article discusses the concept of schema delegation, a major technique in the schema stitching space. Schema stitching allows to easily connect and combine multiple GraphQL schemas and finally end up with a single, coherent GraphQL API. Schema delegation is the foundation for other tools like schema merging and schema bindings.

Using a GraphQL schema to supercharge team collaboration

In this brief but informative article, the author Trevor D. Miller discusses the role of the GraphQL schema and lays out a number of practical benefits for the development process (in regards to configuration and tooling using graphql-config and the graphql-cli, code generation and mocking).

GraphQL Databases — A preview into the future of Graphcool

Exciting times for the GraphQL community and ecosystem! Graphcool just announced the next step in the evolution of their product. Having started out as a fully-managed Backend-as-a-Service offering, the platform now becomes a "GraphQL database" and shrinks the gap between your GraphQL API and the underlying database. Watch an example video of the new setup here.


A Reasonable GraphQL Exploration (Part 1)

The Reason programming language is gaining more and more traction in the React community, thanks to its strong type system, functional programming features and overall expressiveness. In this tutorial, Brandon Konkle gives an excellent motivation and introduction for why Reason and GraphQL are a fantastic fit! Check out a sample project here.

Frontend tutorials: React / Vue + Apollo Client

The folks over at GraphCMS have been ramping up their tutorials and examples game lately. If you're new to GraphQL and want to learn about how it's used on the frontend with React or Vue, check out their new tutorials for building a blogging application with Apollo Client! The backend is setup hazzle-free using their graphical user interface, so you don't need to fiddle around with server-side code and can get started building your frontend right away 🚀

Tools & Open Source

A GraphQL client library for Go

Mat Ryer introduces a new GraphQL client library for the Go programming language. It "aims to provide the bare bones of what a Go programmer would need in order to start consuming GraphQL services, without bloating into a complicated package".


GraphQL can be extended by using custom directives, either in the SDL or used in actual queries and mutations. While only two directives (include and skip) are part of the official specification, this neat package developed by Greg Bergé now provides a great API for anyone to include and resolve custom directives in their own GraphQL code.