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GraphQL Radio w/ Eric Baer (Podcast)

The GraphQL Radio podcast is back with another episode. This time, Eric Baer from Formidable Labs is being interviewed. Discussion topics are: GraphQL at Formidable, Falcor, GraphQL clients and Eric's talk at GraphQL Summit: GraphQL under the hood.

GraphQL Europe 2018: Call for Papers 🇪🇺

The next big GraphQL conference has been announced: GraphQL Europe takes place in Berlin on June 15, 2018! Early bird tickets are available at 199 Euros and the Call for Papers is open as well.


Improve GraphQL Performance with Automatic Persisted Queries

Persisted queries have been a long discussed topic in the GraphQL community! Thanks to the great work of the Apollo team, it now becomes super easy to use persisted queries in your applications. Read this short but very informative blog post to learn how!

Gatsby & GraphCMS, Sittin in a Recursive Tree

Building static sites becomes easier and easier thanks to tooling emerging in the web development space. Nowadays, you don't need much to spin up your own website any more, and with the gatsby-source-graphcms plugin for Gatsby the whole process becomes even faster.

How do GraphQL remote schemas work?

Schema stitching is a topic on the cutting edge of the GraphQL ecosystem! In this post, the idea and underlying mechanisms of remote schemas are explained. Remote schemas provide the foundation for all schema stitching related tools and techniques, so make sure to have a good grasp on them before diving deeper into the specifics.


Building a GraphQL server with graphql-yoga

This is another great tutorial from Alligator.io. This time, it's about building your own GraphQL server using graphql-yoga, a server-side GraphQL library building on top of graphql-tools, express, apollo-server and more.