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GraphQL Server Basics: The Network Layer – Graphcool Blog

This is the second part of the "GraphQL Server Basics" series on the Graphcool blog. While the first part introduced and explained the role of the GraphQL schema as the backbone of every GraphQL API, this article now deals with the network layer and helps you navigate the space of GraphQL server libraries, like express-graphql, apollo-server and graphql-yoga.


React and GraphQL at New York Times (Podcast)

In this episode of the Software Engineering Daily podcast, Scott Taylor and James Lawrie from the New York Times discuss their transition to GraphQL.

Using GitHub's GraphQL API to manage open source projects (Youtube, ~30 min)

This presentation by Brian Douglas (given at GitHub Universe in October) provides an overview of GraphQL and compares it to traditional, REST-style APIs. Brian also introduces his open-source tool called open-sauced which helps developers to keep track of OSS repositories (based on GitHub's GraphQL API). A great talk for GraphQL newcomers as well as more experienced engineers.


Type-Safe GraphQL with OCaml (Part 1)

Thanks to the GraphQL SDL and its strong type system, GraphQL goes particularly well together with strongly typed programming languages. In this tutorial, Andreas Garnæs gives an introduction to using GraphQL with OCaml.

Custom errors and error reporting in GraphQL

GraphQL is still a very young technology with several challenges to be solved, one of them is finding best practices around error handling and reporting. Konstantin Tarkus wrote a great tutorial on this topic, presenting a couple of code recipies for throwing custom errors and logging errors.