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The GraphQL Stack: How everything fits together (Youtube)

The first GraphQL Summit talk has been released! Sashko Stubailo gives a great overview of the different parts that go into the GraphQL technology stack.

Articles & Tutorials

The Graphcool Framework: A path to instant GraphQL greatness.

In this post, Chris Ball gives an overview of the Graphcool Framework. Starting with instructions for boostrapping a GraphQL server, over deploying it locally with Docker, up to integrating serverless functions and separating different development environments for staging and production, this article covers all relevant aspects of working with Graphcool.

How to GraphQL: React & Apollo Tutorial Update

The "React & Apollo" fullstack tutorial on How to GraphQL has been updated to use Apollo Client 2.0 as well as the new Graphcool Framework. Check it out to learn how to implement features like authentication or realtime subscriptions in your React applications.

GraphQL API Gateway & GraphQL Native – Graphcool Blog

This article distills GraphQL's two most common architectural use cases: <b>API Gateway</b> vs <b>GraphQL Native</b> applications. With the gateway pattern, GraphQL is used as a proxy layer on top of existing APIs. GraphQL Native backends are "designed from the ground up to use GraphQL", thus more gearing towards the idea of a "GraphQL database" where GraphQL provides an abstraction over an actual persistence store (like MySQL or MongoDB).

Tools & Open-Source


Ionut Achim presents an interesting approach to client-side state management with GraphQL. Similar to Redux, client-side state is managed in a single store - but instead of interacting with the store with actions and reducers, you can use GraphQL to read and write from it. Definitely worth a 🌟


The API Gateway pattern is one of the most common architectural use cases for GraphQL. This boilerplate example showcases this pattern and can be used as the foundation for real-world projects - implementing features like logging, custom GraphQL schema composition, stackable resolvers with graphql-stack, JWT-based authentication and before/after hooks for resolvers and more.