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GraphQL & Apollo for Angular Developers

GraphQL's biggest tutorial site How to GraphQL just got another tutorial addition! Boubacar Barry from Hackages contributed a frontend tutorial based on Angular and Apollo Client 2.0. Thanks a lot the hard work 💪

Apollo Client 2.0: Beyond GraphQL APIs

Here is Peggy Rayzis with an awesome summary of her talk at GraphQL Summit, providing an overview of the new features in Apollo Client 2.0, and the thoughts behind them. If you're curios about the talk, it's already available on video as well.

GraphQL Server Basics: The Schema

Ever wondered about the inner workings and mechanics of a GraphQL execution engine like GraphQL.js? This post covers a lot of ground with regards to the basics of GraphQL servers and in particular the role of GraphQLSchema when building your server. It also highlights the role of graphql-tools and graphene-js in the ecosystem.


GraphQL Summit Videos on Youtube

Talking of GraphQL Summit - all the talks have finally been released on Youtube! A great way for you to catch up about all the news in the GraphQL world.

GraphQL Europe: June 15, 2018 (Berlin)

GraphQL Summit is only a few weeks back and the next big GraphQL conference has been announced. Like last year, GraphQL Europe is happening in Berlin. Save the date: June 15, 2018 and prepare yourself for even more GraphQL awesomeness.


CRUDL - Easily build an admin interface for your GraphQL API

CRUDL is a JavaScript app for rapidly building an admin interface based on your API — you just define the endpoints/queries and a visual representation to get a full-blown UI for managing your data. This works for REST, but also for GraphQL APIs.