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GraphQL Authentication with React Native & Apollo

This excellent tutorial by Spencer Carli teaches how to implement authentication with GraphQL and React Native. For the server, the tutorial uses Express and MongoDB and authentication is implemented using JSON Web Tokens (JTW).

Apollo 2.0 Quickstart Tutorial

Want to quickly get started with Apollo Client 2.0? The React & Apollo Quickstart tutorial in the Graphcool documentation has been updated to now use the new version of Apollo Client. Check it our and have your own React/GraphQL app up and running in less than 5 minutes.


GraphQL Summit 2017 Summary by Sourcegraph

If you missed GraphQL Summit and are already craving for the videos to be released, here's something to shorten the wait. The folks from sourcegraph wrote a liveblog during the conference with great summaries of all the talks. Learn how GraphQL is used at Twitter from Tom Ashworth, about the idea ofGraphQL-native microservices from Johannes Schickling, how to leverage GraphQL for building mobile apps from Martijn Walraven and many more...

Introducing the Graphcool Framework – Graphcool Blog

Big news from the Graphcool team: The Graphcool Framework is now open-source! πŸŽ‰ Graphcool was previously only available as a hosted service (BaaS) - but with this change it's possible to host it completely yourself! If you still want to use additional tooling, such as the Graphcool Console, and don't want to fiddle with AWS yourself, check out the Graphcool Cloud offering.

Tools & Open-Source

Susbcription support in newest Absinthe (Elixir) release

The newest release candidate of the GraphQL Absinthe library for Elixir now comes with built-in support for GraphQL subscriptions. This Hackernews thread gives some insights into the problems of implementing subscriptions at scale and how they were solved in the Absinthe implementation.


Orta Therox from the Artsy team has built an internal tool that forwards changes made to their GraphQL schema to Slack. A nice way to keep developers up-to-date about changes happening to your APIs: There are 5 GraphQL APIs in differing states of production at Artsy. This repo let's us use the type system in GraphQL to keep everyone up to date with the differences in APIs. It's inspired by GitHub's GraphQL CHANGELOG but this is a weekly Slack message.