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GraphQL Summit 2017

Less than a week until the biggest GraphQL conference in the world! There's still a small amount of tickets, so make sure to grab one. It's your chance to meet the engineering teams from Shopify or Graphcool and ask them everything you ever wanted to know about GraphQL.


GraphQL APIs: REST in Peace (20 min)

In this talk, Tomer Elmalem talks about how the Yelp GraphQL API works under the hood. A great real-world example that includes topics like caching, error handling and security.

GraphQL: The next Level of API Tooling (20 min)

Ivan Goncharov from the APIs.guru team gave a talk about the new kinds of tooling that GraphQL enables. A very informative talk about what is possible with GraphQL in the developer tooling space.


GraphQL Fragments are the Best Match for UI Components

Samer Buna is already well-known for his popular GraphQL article REST APIs are REST-in-Peace APIs. Long Live GraphQL. This time he dives a bit deeper and discusses why GraphQL fragments are a great tool to build reusable UI components.

The Case for Clojure and GraphQL: Replacing Django

GraphQL is slowly making its way into more and more programming communities outside the Javascript space. In this, article Rodrigo Landerdahl compares two projects that each had the goal of building a backend for a mobile application. One was built with Django & REST, the other with Clojure & GraphQL. You won't believe what happened next...