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GraphQL Radio - Episode 03 with Erik Schlegel (Microsoft)

Episode 3 of GraphQL Radio is out! This time Abi & Johannes are joined by Erik Schlegel from Microsoft. Check it out to gain insights in how Microsoft leverages GraphQL in internal projects.

Articles & Tutorials

Getting Started with Relay Modern

The documentation of Relay Modern has notably improved compared to Relay Classic. However, it's still quite tricky to get started due to the lack of tutorials and example projects. If you want to get a grasp on Facebook's GraphQL client, set aside an hour of time over the weekend and follow this in-depth tutorial.

Getting Started with GraphQL & Apollo on iOS

More and more iOS developers start to see the advantages of GraphQL and want to use it in their native projects. The Apollo iOS Client leverages Swift's strong type system and makes it easy to fetch and update data with GraphQL APIs. Check out this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to get started with GraphQL on iOS!

Best Practices for a Healthy GraphQL Implementation

Here is Kristopher Sandoval with a nice rundown on best practices when building GraphQL APIs. This article sheds light on many common questions people have when they start out building their own GraphQL servers. It discusses topics like routes, API versioning, pagination and many more.

Tools & Open Source

Apollo iOS v0.6.0

A new version of the Apollo iOS Client (0.6.0) was released this week. The biggest change is an API for fine-grained manual store updates. Tell it to your native developer friends and help spread the word about how they can use GraphQL in pure iOS & Android projects.